Canaan water company workers resume work after consensus

By John Agok

Canaan Water factory employees yesterday resumed work after breaking a deadlock with their employers over low payment.

Earlier this week, casual workers for Canaan Water Factory went on strike claiming an increment of their wages from one thousands and Two Hundreds to Three thousand pounds per day.  The move was not accepted instantly by the company management but promised them to sort out issues with board of directors in two weeks’ time.

However, half of three thousand was agreed to them by the management while they continue to weigh out the issue regarding this economic hardship.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor Emanuel Mayath said that they are welcoming the decision taken by the management as workers wait for full payment of 3,000 SSPdaily to every casual worker in this company.

“We are very calm now and we are doing the regular production since the management agreed to pay each one of us 1,500 ssp per day which is the half of three thousands. We will continue working till they pay us fully”, he said.

Mayath warns the management of exploiting the workers and subjected them to poor working conditions saying that, they endure heat in the production rooms due to lack of fans or air conditions.

“We are warning the management to stop forcing some us to leave the company after we failed to disagree on number of issues concerning our welfare as workers. We need them to provide healthy working environment and proper tools for the work and also to provide fans inside there,” he added.

Osman Sieba who is afemale worker called on the company toprovide fair treatment to all workers regardless of gender.

She added that the management only favors those energetic boys over women who are weak physically to deliver quickly the materials for productions.

However, another worker, Samuel Dier revealed that, some of the workers are coming from far distance of Lologo, Gurei and Gudele respectively.

“I started working for this company since 2011 and up to now I have no good wages. Look at this one thousand, where there is lunch and transport in this and let’s talk about putting food on the table,” said Dier the worker.

“We are always trekking from far distance and they are not paying or providing the transport and they are adding or increasing the price of water, but they don’t want to increase our wages or giving us bonuses why,” he asked.

Canaan Company Ltd is a water bottling company which was established in late 2009, when only a few local companies were engaged in the water business.

Located in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, the company is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in South Sudan. Back then the investors had many things in mind when they decided to launch this company -the priority being to establish a company committed to the well-being of the South Sudanese people by giving good and reliable service, specifically, pure drinking water. Canaan is now committed to doing business responsibly and seeking opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

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