Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When my colleague Jale Richard walked in the newsroom to announce to us the three days peace meeting between His Excellency President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar had been concluded at State House in the afternoon yesterday with key point from both leaders that the new government will be formed according to the schedule in the agreement, there was a relief from other colleagues including myself.

The point that they would be meeting regularly on matters of national interests and would form a committee that will report to the two leaders on the number of states and the boundaries, the inner feeling that good things were coming to be was turning out to be real.

I remember once upon a time some people whose school of thinking then were limited to their own views that this could be impossible, told us that we had turned this newspaper into a government mouth piece by talking peace all the time. Indeed this talking peace will remain our motto and goal but being a mouth piece is far-fetched because we have stood our ground to inform, educate and entertain the public with the due cause of professional ethics.

There can only be one judgment. The last laugh. For championing peace, stability and development, these we cannot compromise because the life of the larger population depends on them. For others we cannot be party to because the professional ethics demand truths and accuracy. It demands each and every case to be given to the public the way it is and should not be twisted to have a different meaning. Let there be order of doing things.

Take leaf from the peace meeting which was opened with prayers in the presence of the two leaders and in which the entire country also prayed for.

In life each one of us must be real and must champion a cause that is of importance to the entire human being. Short of this is fake and is lived on borrowed time. From now on, all roads should lead to peace process and ensure the feeling of relief continues to bear fruit to the conclusion and the setting up of all inclusive government, which will see and engage in the socio-economic welfare of the entire country and beyond.

It is possible only when each and everyone felt the duty of being relevant to the cause. It can be possible if we stood up and left behind gossip of this or that tribe. It can be possible if and when all supports the process and give backing to the key players. Yes it can be possible when each and every one stood up to reclaim his/her position in the slots within the population in the country. Yes it can be possible when each and every one say a big NO to negative external influence meant to derail the positive cause which has been taken by the leadership to move the country forwards to greater heights. Yes it can be possible with you and me.

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