Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The culture of giving is Godly as long as it is with good intention. I thought about this as we discussed an issue with a friend and decided that we should launch a national campaign to appreciate those who are doing good job but do not hit the headlines of the media. As the saying goes, there can be good and bad apples in a basket. It is therefore the responsibility of the individual to separate the good from the bad. There are a number of accusations against the police, particularly, the traffic police, but in them or among them there are those who are very good and who will only act according to the book or laws. There are the white uniformed officers who do not take bribes and will do what they are trained and employed to do. I and my friend are planning to create an award of appreciation to these good officers in collaboration with some corporate institutions. We have already put up the road-map and whatever our plan of action are will be released soon and this newspaper will be in the forefront of articulating the good deed by those found to be honest and truthful in their work. It is to motivate them by recognizing them in public.  The plans are that all those key players will be involved to the hilt including the police force top brass. In most cases people ignore appreciating small deeds. They prefer associating with big happenings and events. Since the country is moving towards stability, there must be a token of appreciation in all sprees of life and starting with traffic police is assign that some of them who have been wayward would see the sense and come back to reality that they can also be appreciated for doing something good instead of being associated only with bribe and bully-like behaviours on the roads. I have always believed that whatever little my contribution is, l will go to bed happy that at least l have done something which can impact on someone outside there positively. Too much have been said of the white uniformed officers that someone must come out to change that perception. Because of their interaction with many road users including foreign tourists and investors. They should be able to operate within the international traffic police standard. Their white uniforms must remain white. Breathing must remain normal and controlled. Above all they must make it possible for the offenders to know and understand their offences. Probably time is at cross-road in which offenders will be fined instantly according to traffic offence committed where their vehicles will be released to them after paying the fine to the approved government bank accounts. It is being done in the neighbourhoods and it can be done here. This mission will need the participation of all inclusive and for sure the result is meant to help change the public perception towards the traffic police department. Let us all get going together.

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