Shocked are the citizens on the suspension of South Sudan by IGAD over the membership fees. IGAD has been an enormous guarantor of the Revitalised Peace Agreement signed in Addis Ababa, and that, its bitterness in the suspension of South Sudan may encroach in to the processes of the implementation of peace. Although it is a mandate of the IGAD to suspend a member country with membership arrears, a member country such as South Sudan whose soul still looks different from other member countries should be childishly played soft in the payment of membership fees. And anyway, before IGAD should be talked to much, South Sudan needs to carry payment of membership fees at her fingertips so that, once the time has ripened, she should pay them on time. Two shocking news of the impossibility of 2023 elections and suspension of South Sudan by the IGAD over the membership fees have shaken the hopes of South Sudanese towards the full implementation of the peace process. If the warring parties are truly committed to the course of peace, they should cook their minds over the weekend to arrive at the positive decision of paying the membership fees before 2022. The suspension of South Sudan in real sense interrupts the flow of the implementation process, and that, the only way relief can be prevailed over the citizens is to garner resources to pay the membership fees. Let the warring parties be hindered by a foreign hindrance whose solution can never be derived here in South Sudan like the arms embargo, but the payment of the membership fees is an obvious task known by every member country. The suspension does not affect the peace process alone, but it also affects the opportunities South Sudan should get in the IGAD government.

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