Can our women benefit from UN Deputy SG’s visit? 

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ms. Amina Mohammed and the African Union’s Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security, Bineta Diop are in the country to promote women’s participation in peace, security and development.

The prominent women are expected to visit the protection of civilians’ site, a hospital that treats victims of Gender-Based Violence to see the situation of the South Sudan’s war affected women for themselves.

The question is, can South Sudanese women benefit from the UN deputy Secretary-General’s visit who seeks to promote women participation in peace, security and development of the country.

In many occasions, women have complained over gender inequality mainly at the national government considering there are only five women at the ministerial positions out of the thirty one ministries. This is still far from gender equality and the two prominent women have pushed forward for women.

There will be no sustainable peace in the country unless we recognize the importance of women’s participation in peace, security and development of this country.

Although not every woman is interested to work in the government, they must be willing to have good representation in the government regardless of their political affiliations.

It is very unfortunate that the few women who are holding ministerial oppositions are from one political party and yet there are over twenty registered political parties in the country.

These two women should fight hard for their fellow women of South Sudan.

We believe that their visit to the country would have positive results for the women as effort for sustainable peace in the country.

Our women should rise to the international scenes and ascend to the throne if they are not given the rights to participate in their own country’s affairs.

The women also need to be united for them to speak one voice. They should not associate gender equality without politics because it is part of human rights regardless of their political affiliation, sex, religion and race.










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