The conflict in Unity State should be condemned by all peace loving citizens. People should learn to respect human dignity and should not killone another at will. The issue has been dragging far too long which should have been resolved by both the state and national government. Not only in Unity State but other parts of the country should not be allowed to experience such acts of violence. It is high time to ensure peace prevails and the law of the land is applied to the latter to curb down communal and internal conflicts that seem to be taking precedent unabated. In the twentieth century, all should be abiding by the rule of law and destruction of property avoided completely. Worse still when the life of people more so the venerable are concerned and carrying out acts of sexual abuse against women and young girls which must be sending a chilling experience to the victims. The leadership keeps on advocating for peaceful coexistence. They have crossed the borders in search of this peace which had been elusive for a long time until they found and brought it home to roost. Sure there might be some players who are spoilers and who would not want peace to be enjoyed in the country. These are people who should not be allowed or given rooms among the larger population who are busy going about their businesses of building the nation. There is no room for war or conflict. There must be order in the management of the affairs of the country by all law abiding citizens. It should not be too late for Unity state to return to normal life and all communities live together for the sake of the country and the people. They should not be subjected to more suffering but should be given a chance to understand the full meaning of peace.

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