Campaign on gender equality launched

By Sheila Ponnie

“Born to lead”, precedence movement stated by women in civil societies It is an on-going campaign to combat the believes that South Sudanese women’s places are not in the kitchen.

Riya Williams, Crown the Woman’s Executive Director says that the country’s wider campaigns are calling for women’s leadership at all levels to change the way women are seen at every levels.

“This campaign is basically to remain South Sudan and the rest of the world that South Sudanese women’s place is not in the kitchen but other leadership positions,” she says.

“This inspiration comes from women from deliberately being excluded from the leadership because their women and with excuses of women not having capacity with excuses of women cannot lead because they don’t have power she said.

Aiya added that the campaign is to show that women at the grass roots are doing a lot of work yet not recognized.

“So the launch shows how women from the grass roots and how they are leading from different parts of the country and yet women are doing a lot of work,” she said.

However, she added that women do face challenges for women to get to the top political positions in the country where women are being neglected deliberately.

“We have seen in the parties where for example after signing of the peace agreement there were mechanisms  that where formed and  when the parties where asked to give there nominations, they would say they don’t have women but when it comes to the struggle we  have seen women struggling with them  and for the country, ”Riya said.

On behalf of the undersecretary ministry of gender, child and social welfare said that women could not transform leadership roles.

“So it is important that when we do have women leading in imperative and justice always we should consider them and hold them up as example for everyone to see,” she said.

During the campaign, a documentary video of women who are leaders in different levels from the grass root struggling to support other women through their kind of Jobs that they do.

Cecilia said that women who are uniting communities together, women leading in the positions of chief roles and others are fighting to end Gender base violence in the country

“We want to have South Sudan where women don’t have to struggle so hard to reach leadership positions, where all girls are given equal opportunities to go to school, where child marriage is ended and where girls can fellow their personal ambitions this will be for the good of South Sudan”.

She continued that there is so much untapped potentials in the minds, hearts and hands of women and girls in the country and that people should use the examples of the campaign to remind people of the brilliant things.

The campaign was launched by Crown the Woman, a non-profit organisation working closely with women who are seen as of no value in the society together with partners.

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