Campaign launched to keep Juba Clean

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Moon Environmental Organization on Saturday launched an awareness campaign to keep Juba City clean.

The campaign under the name Keep Juba Clean is aimed at educating citizens on how to keep their environment clean and green.

Speaking during the launch in Juba, Gai Kiir the founder of Moon Environmental Organization said once the general population is taught their responsibly towards cleanness,“Juba will be clean, fresh and green.” Mr. Gai revealed that the organization will engage in production of promotional materials printed in both English and Arabic languages and radio promos to create awareness and encourage residents to clean their surroundings.

He said his organization will educate the masses on the danger of littering, and on their responsibilities to keep their city clean. “There is no way we can keep Juba clean if our people are not aware that littering the streets is bad. Some of our people don’t know the use of the dust bins. They just look at it like something for an attraction,”Mr.Gai said.

According to Gai, his organization has printed promotional materials such as posters, flyers and recorded radio messages that will be aired out to educate the masses on their role in keeping Juba clean.

“The promotional materials and radio adverts will have messages on environmental cleanness and will serve as a reminder to the citizens,” he said. Ishamil Wael, an engineer with Moon Environmental Organization added that South Sudanese needed serious awareness on how to keep their own environment clean. “Some of our people are very stubborn. They can even have dust bin in front of their houses but they won’t make use of it and that is why we have come up with the awareness campaign so that our people are reminded of their role towards keeping their surrounding clean,” Weal said.


Weal added that believes once citizens know littering the environment lead to diseases, Juba and the entire country will be cleaned and green.


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