Camp man ready to tell stories through movies

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Santino Khan lives in the United Nations Protection of Civilians (PoC) site three in Jebel, Juba. He dreams of becoming a movie expert so that he can tell life changing stories of South Sudan.

Juba Monitor caught up with Santino, a 25 year old student at White Nile Lounge on Saturday after he and others completed ten-days training on the basics of movie making.

Santino said that he learnt how to shoot close and long shots, handle a video camera, and making a short movie-knowledge he revealed he never had.

His focus is now on making “positive life changing stories” to inspire fellow youths in the camp.

“South Sudan now needs positive things, positive movies that talks about the future, how we can make the future better,” said Santino. “We need to forget about the past and focus on opening new chapters and this is what I hope to do.”

Santino has a toy video Camera that he uses to keep his dreams alive. He covers activities such as football and dances within the camp. Now that he got the basics in film making, the 25 year old IDP is appealing to well-wishers to donate to him a video camera so that he can put the skills he has learnt into practice.

“Now I have the skills but my only problem is I don’t have a real video camera to capture the moments,” he said. “I appeal to anyone out there to donate a video camera so that the positive life in the camp can be shared to the outside world,” Santino told Juba Monitor.

Santino, in senior four within the camp said that he will share the knowledge he acquired with fellow youth who are interested in film making.

He said he will teach them using his toy camera since he has no real camera.

Santino said he believes that he got all it takes for him to be better than the Hollywood stars he admires in the movies.

The 25-year old hopes that one day; he would be a movie star telling the “beautiful stories” of South Sudan through his movies.

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