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Cambridge International School students during graduation (Photo: Wek Atak)

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Some 55 students graduated from Cambridge International School in Juba on Wednesday.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Cambridge International School Principal, Ms Peninual Mumbi Muturi congratulated the graduates for their hard work.

Muturi said the college has grade six and grade nine students but they have a lot of challenges because the children did not have proper foundation.

“You see education is foundation so if a child was not given proper foundation when they are young, it becomes a bit difficult at a later age so it gives us teachers a lot of headache,” she said.

Muturi added that some of the students were brought straight from other places not knowing either Arabic or English.

“They just know their local languages and then this system is very, very tough. It is not like South Sudan, Kenya, or Uganda system because you have to be accurate,” she said.

She revealed that after stabilizing in Juba, they will extend to other states.

Saverious Tombe Eujenio, Cambridge International School Managing Director encouraged the students to work hard.

“You cannot achieve something without struggle,” Eujenio said.

Tombe appealed to the government to set up some schools to teach vocational course “because there are some students who cannot excel academically.”

“This school has good environment, am very happy to graduate because I am better now. I have some Improvement in my future, said Sarah Joseph, 18 year old girl.

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