Reports from most parts of the country indicates that calm remained the cornerstone of yesterday’s eighth Independence Day celebrations. Peace that had eluded past events was witnessed with a number of families and friends taking it to enjoy the day in memory of the liberation and the liberators. Indeed it was a day to be remembered as it marks the beginning of another walk towards peaceful co-existence and prosperity. On the finding mission in and around Juba, revealed a people who have been longing for this kind of interaction far too long. It was difficult to differentiate who is who among groups and family gatherings. Motorists displayed the national flag on their vehicles, hooting and driving along the City roads in appreciation of the peaceful celebrations. Gumbo market was a beehive of activities for those wanting nothing than Nyama Choma. The goats, sheep and chickens were the order of the morning before they got down to business. It was merry making although at some points streets remained relatively clear of movement. An indication that the celebrations had started in earnest. Hotels and restaurants with recreational activities for adults and children were not left out as some gather to swim and merry make the day. President Salva Kiir led the nation in the celebration at the State House which was attended by a number of invited guests. It must be appreciated that after a long period of time, the celebration was in low gear but those few who managed to do something did so in a peaceful atmosphere which should remain the guiding factor for nation building and future prospects. The mood and the will-power clearly indicate that with peace, the country could move miles within a short period of time. This is the mood all should nurture for positive future of the country.


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