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Calm returns to Terekeka state after cattle herders clashed

By Morris Dogga

Calm has returned to Terekeka state after cattle keepers clashed last week that left at least 17 people dead and more than 36 people injured.

Last week cattle keepers clashed in the state when cattle keepers from Jubek State were returning to their home state as per the presidential order.

It was not clear why they clashed but Terekeka information Minister Dominic Ladu Zachariah said the two groups have been having tension between themselves for the past three years.

Ladu told Juba Monitor in a phone interview that the situation was contained following a reinforcement made with the national government.

“The situation has been contained by the government and the cattle herders are now in their locations without planning an attack,” he said.

He said when the fighting erupted the state government was unable to contain the fighting as the herders were possessing heavy weapons.

“They were carrying heavy weapons to an extent that it was threatening the few forces that we have. The national government responded and they managed to control the fighting,” Ladu added.

Clashes between cattle keepers are common in South Sudan. 60 people have been killed and dozens wounded between the clans of Rup and Pakam in Western Lakes State.

In the past, there have been also persistent cattle raiding between the communities of Boma State and the communities in Jonglei state.

Meanwhile Ladu urged the cattle owners to refrain from fighting insisting that the state was preparing for the implementation of the recently signed Revitalized peace agreement.


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