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Calm returns as one person killed in Yirol

By Mabor Riak Magok

Authorities in West county of Lakes State yesterday confirmed that calmed has returned and situation has become normal after clashes that left one person in Yirol West County.

The   Executive Director of Yirol West county Rin Maker Mading said the situation is normal and those who involved in clashes on both sides between two community have been arrested and they are waiting for trials.

“We have arrested 2 suspects from two clan who triggered the violence clashes in Toich grazing land,”

He added that the total number of suspects arrested and are now in prison over recent fighting that left one person from Jieleek clan dead in Toich grazing wetlands using wooden sticks are 5 people and they will appear in court.

“When incident occurred, I went there and I talked to both sides who cause a violence will be held accountable for renewing fighting and both of them accepted to live peacefully and they did traditional sacrifices to stop any further  bloodshed “. He said.

He revealed that the clashes between two clans didn’t involve guns but they were beating themselves in Toich grazing ground using wooden sticks until a person was beaten to death.

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