Calm returns after10 people killed in Akobo

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Authorities in Akobo County of Jonglei State said that calm returned after communal clashes that claimed lives of 10 people on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the fight was triggered over money that was borrowed between two people a store fund delayed according to the sources.

Speaking to media yesterday, the Commissioner of Akobo County Gatwich Rieth said that the fight started with two individuals but later escalated to include white army youth of the two clans but the situation was relevantly calm after the local authorities comprised the chiefs intervened to control the fight.“We have sent local chief with local forces had been sent to contain the security situation between the two conflicted clans; adding that calm has returned to the area following the deployment of forces to neutralize the tension in the area.The authorities will be working on organizing thetruth and reconciliations in order to promote peace and coexistence amongst the people of Akobo and Jonglei state at large,”

He added that the State government in Jonglei and national Government would redouble the effort to disarm the youth across the country so that civilian could live without guns and that procedures would support the durable peace.

The incident was just a small problem but latter escalated and led to the death of 10 people including a woman.

Gatwich said that without proliferated firearms,such incidents should have not happened.

He revealed that4 people also sustained injuries during the fight but were by then in stable condition at Akobo Hospital.

The commissioner called on the two sub clans to remain calm and embrace peace among themselves.

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