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Cabinet formed committee to investigate Number Plates

By Morris Dogga

The Council of Ministers of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) said it will engage Jubek State government in order to resolve the disagreement over issuance of new number plates.

On Friday, the TGONU cabinet formed a ministerial committee comprising of three ministers to investigate the disagreement that arose between the national government and Jubek State government over the issuance of the unified number plates.

The disagreement arose early this year between Jubek State government and the TGONU over the issue of the unified numbers plates, which Juba State claimed was its sole responsibility as opposed to TGONU’s interference.

The unified numbers plates were launched last year by the Ministry of Interior in a bid to scrap off numerous numbers plates that made it difficult to identify vehicles in the country.

The Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth, told journalists following the council of ministers’ meeting last Friday that the decision was taken after the cabinet listened to a report from Jubek State government that was presented by the minister of Cabinet Affairs.

He said the committee will meet and harmonize all the issues related to the issuance of the unified plate numbers. “The committee is tasked to pressure out the issues that was brought out that created misunderstanding between the institutions so that it is resolved once and for all,” Mr. Makuei said.

He said there were misunderstanding on the production and the issuance of the numbers plates and the revenues collected from the same process. Minister Lueth further said the committee will report the findings to the cabinet in the next cabinet meeting.

He said the committee will be headed by the Minister of Justice, Paulino Wanawila Unango, members will include of the Minister of Interior, Michael Chiengjiek and the Minister of Finance, Stephen Dhieu Dau, and a representative of Jubek State.

Mr. Makuei said according to the report presented to the cabinet, the main concern of Jubek State was not the production, but the issuance of the plate numbers.

Schedule “A” of the constitution gives the National Government the traffic regulations, which include the production of plate numbers and driving license. But also schedule “B” of the constitution gives the issuance of the plate numbers to the state government.

Previously, each state used to have its own number plates, but recently the national government decided to unify the number plates for vehicles and motorcycles all over the country.

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