CABINET Draw 100 days’ work-plan or exit

By Elia Joseph Loful

The newly appointed ministers of the revitalized government have been urged to draw clear 100 days’ work plan to prove to the public their determination to deliver equitable services.

The new ministers assumed offices this week as part of the Revitalized Unity Government. They have been giving messages of reform and hope in their various ministries.

Jame David Kolok who heads the Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) said they should develop the work plan to show their priorities in the next 100 days.

“We demand that all the ministries should be able to come up with 100 days’ action plans. Very clear plans that should be able to tell South Sudanese what are their key priorities that they want to execute in the next 100 days,” David said in an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday.

“We want to see clear 100  days’ work plan that can be measurable, that can be evaluated by  the end of 100 days and we have told the leadership that if a minister does not perform he or she has to be shown the exit,” David urged.

The activist urged the government to work hard to portray good image of the country.

“We want to believe that this country needs to start from a good footing, we know that the country’s image has been tarnished, the stand of South Sudan in the region and internationally has been a bad one, we want everyone in the government to work hard to correct that image,” he emphasized.

He said it was time for the leaders to put aside party mindset affiliation and embark on national issues.

He said among the key obligations was that R-TGoNU immediately reconstitute the parliament saying the cabinet could not work with the legislature,

“We want to see that the transitional parliament is reconstituted as soon as possible, because the cabinet cannot work without the parliament, and the parties should acknowledge that the issues of partisan affiliations should be gotten rid of. right now we want to see them as national ministers,” he added.

David further said parties should also put much emphasis on settling the security arrangement.

“I think the fundamental requirement of the citizens is the question of safety, while the President is asking for refugees and IDPs to return to their houses, they need to acknowledge security as key consideration,” David said.

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