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Busoga University not aware of 400 South Sudanese students

By Martin Manyiel Wugol 

The administration of Busoga University in Uganda has said it is not aware of  400 South Sudanese students who were prevented from graduating yesterday.

The Vice Chancellor of Busoga Univeristy Prof. David Lameck Kibikyo said he was not responsible for the 400 South Sudanese students who did not graduate yesterday, “The issue is in Juba not the administration of  Busoga University at Iganga.”

On Tuesday the university surprisingly suspended 400 students from South Sudan, a day ahead of its 16th graduation ceremony while the students almost crossed the border to Uganda for graduation.

Speaking to Juba Monitor after the graduation, Prof. David Lameck Kibikyo said they have no problem with their centres, but the decision to suspend the graduation of 400 South Sudanese students from Juba was an administrative issue.

“Our concerns are basic requirements which are administrative in nature, but when they are not met that is why we didn’t include some centers in the 16th Busoga university graduation list,” Prof. Kibikyo said.

“To me it was done in good faith and we have no bad intention to exclude 400 Students from Juba centre and Kisoro Centre respectively because we are the university that is based on God’s principle,” he lamented.

At least 977 students yesterday graduated from Busoga University from various faculties and including masters degree programme.

The students’ Guild President of Busoga University, Mr. Emmanuel Eunyu welcomed the step taken for suspension of the graduation of the students from both Juba and Kisoro Centres as it was to ensure all measures are put in place to avoid the similar situation of last year from repeating itself.

Emmanuel Mogga Duku, one of the 400 students from the Start International University College who missed to graduate said, he did not know exactly why they were excluded from the graduation.

“I don’t know what happened, and that is why I have decided to come up to Busoga University to witness by myself what is taking place,”  Duku said.

“I have made clearance for my graduation and I don’t know if my the money will be refunded because I failed to graduate at the end,” Duku pondered.

Another student David Ganiko who made a U-turn from Nimule after they were stopped by the administration of Busoga University while they were already in Nimule making clearance to cross the border in Uganda.

“It was the Busoga University that sent to us the clearance form and urged us to go to Uganda for the graduation,” Ganiko said.

He said each student has paid 200 USD for the certificate, the foundation and the gown saying he doubts if their money would be refunded.

Ganiko said even the buses that the students were travelling in, the drivers refused to refund the money after their journey was cut short at Nimule.

While for Mr Samuel Reech Mayen, Students of Law at Busoga University Iganga were much excited after the graduation, saying despite all hardship and challenges he was able to complete his studies.

Another graduate Mangong Mawien Madut from the Faculty of Law at Busoga University urged South Sudanese students to take education very seriously, saying that well followed education is the core values of strong and prosperous society.

However, the administration of Star International University College said it will not ask the students to pay for money again since they had already cleared their requirements for graduation.

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