Businessman knocks door to meet President

 By Wek Atak Kacjang

The longest serving businessman from Warrap State is appealing to meet President Salva Kiir Mayardit to intervene in his delayed paymentof 815, 000 thousands South Sudanese Pound sequivalent to1.5 million dollars for twelve year that was borrowed by State government during Peace Conference between Aguok and Apuk.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Businessman Anei Ajaac Mayen said that  his company went into contract with State government of Warrap state in 2009 during the leadership of former Warrap GovernorTor Deng Mawien.

“In 2009, during the conference between Apuk and Aguok the State government under the leadership of former Warrap Governor Tor Deng Mawien toldme to build 21 self-contained rooms for peace delegates and one big conference hall, but up to now I have never been my money,”

Ajaac said that he has been walking into all the top offices of both State and National Government to get his   money back but all efforts has been in vain.

He further appealed to  the president Kiir to rescue him from this critical economic situation he found himself in now with his family.

“I am a married man with eight wives and thirty six children and my children have apparently deserted me due to poverty .

He added that hehad moved into several officesespecially the office of Tut Kew Gatluak the Advisor to the President and I felt down on the floor dueexhaustion over many times of visiting offices of the government.

“I was also starving in the process of following up my payment; this was the only money I had as capital for my business. When I lost it I also lost my way of life as all whole family of mine disgusted me because of poverty”, he concluded.

Ajaac have filed up all legal avenues, including Warrap State Legal Administration and nothing yielded fruit so far.

In the letter dated 8th August 2012 from  the Office of the President, reads as follow:  “ Reference to your letter NO.RSS/W3/COM/GO/11-A-1 DATED 2nd  July 2012 that your esteemed Office appreciates the work done by Yar Ayai Company , it is better for your office to sit down with them and agree on how to settle their claim within the austerity measures because our office did intervene not for the purpose of settling it but just to consult with you because there was a complaint raised against your office by the Company .

 In that context, we wrote to your esteemed office but not settled the claim on your behalf. The austerity measures are comprehensive and no exception.

The letter was signed by then Executive Director in Office of the president of the Republic Of South Sudan”.

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