I hope someone in authority should listen to the voices of the people and do something about the Juba Bridge which has closed a lane and left only one working. There are business premises around the river which are experiencing nightmare due to lack of customers because of the traffic jam or snail’s pace which is making it impossible to cross in and out of the bride. Something need to be done and have vehicles move in orderly manner instead of being crowded and overlapping struggling to pass through. The security agents deployed are even making it worse.The traffic police and those trying to help are instead creating confusion at the place. If only they could be there all the time and arrange the flow along one line from both sides with particular time frame giving to each side of the bridge, then the traffic flow would move easily and orderly. The jam is mostly caused by motorists who are not following the order and who are bullying even the security agents who are trying to direct them. There are motorists who are spending more than four hours in this one particular section which is notorious for traffic snail pace. If only each section could give the other time and follow the simple traffic rule requiring them to follow order then all would be fair. The top traffic police officers should take a try in and witness for themselves the time and manpower being wasted in this section of the road both morning and evening. They should also witness how people are trekking to and from across the bridge in the morning and evening. Businesses along this area and the surroundings are dead while the owners are required to meet their obligations to pay taxes. Something ought to be done to save the situation which has become an eyesore to both motorists and pedestrians.

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