Business women call for action on National Dialogue

The South Sudan Business Women Entrepreneurs Association is calling for immediate action on the National Dialogue that was announced by President Salva Kiir.

Mrs. Florence Gordon Sworo, a member of the Women Entrepreneurs Association said the government should focus on the youth and women since they are the majority who bear the burden of the ongoing conflict.

She said the national government in Juba is comfortable talking of National Dialogue yet it did not care whether the people in the bush or the IDP camps had access to what is taking place in the country.

“We need to go to the grass root level as well as to the states to ask the women and youth about their concerns instead of sitting comfortable in our offices,” she said.

Mrs. Sworo said she would be happy if government could reach those women in the camps and check their conditions if it is better compared to those women who live in their residents in Juba.

“Women are the ones suffering with their children while men are there in hotels or at home sitting,” she said.

According to her, the National Dialogue should first start from the internally displaced camps.

She said that all citizens must work for peace since it is a collective responsibility.

The Executive Director of South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association, Jane Gordon Sworo said the government should target women for peace because when it comes to war they are the ones who suffer with their children.

“South Sudan women forum for peace calls for peace in all parts of the country whether in business, at home, government level, and Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) level. Peace should take peace in their hearts. Peace begins in the heart, at home and then it goes outside your home,” she said.

She said during the 2010 Sudan General elections and the referendum of January 2011, women participated fully by voting.

“They did a great role in every part and I know women are peace makers. They are in need of peace. We are tired of war,” she stressed.

She called on the government to involve women in the national peace dialogue.

“It is important for us as women, we can mobilize the community, media, and churches as we are in large numbers, our population is higher,” she said.

Mrs. Sworo said conflict affects women through violence as they are sometimes raped or beaten during the war; they want rest, peace and education.

A member of South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association, Jenifer Night, said women assist the country through raising their voices to stop war and promote love and peace in the country.

“We want our voices to be heard and be considered as women of this country. We need help, support and security not in Juba only but in all the former ten states,” she said.

BY Rose Keji Benjamin

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