Business gets better at Full-moon Island

By Mandela Nelson Denis

It was a 30-minitue ride on a motorboat from Habeshas hotel in Juba to Full Moon Island on the eastern site of the River. On reaching the Island shortly, we were received by soft music at the beautiful site.

Aroma of fried fish from River Nile was all over the Island provoking us to order for fish. Later on were joined by a South Sudanese entrepreneur named Deng Wek who revealed how he spent time building the Island while the conflict was going on in the country.

“The Island is now four years old and while people were fighting,” he said. “I was busy building the Island to what you see now and many people wonder how a local came up with this idea,” Mr. Wek said.

Mr. Wek continued that after spending many years living in Canada, he came back and started such a development. He also said business is getting better at the Island and that due to the economic crisis he does not want to charge high prices.

Mr. Wek reiterated that many people often come to the Island and it is over packed during the weekend by Non-Governmental Organizations staffs.

When asked how he manages to run the place with the ongoing fuel crisis, Wek said he always buys fuel from the market. “I avoid the lines at the petrol stations and buy fuel from the black market to keep the Island booming all times,” he said.

It is hard, but we have no choice only to keep moving on as we are hoping for things to improve,” Wek told Juba Monitor at the Full Moon Island.

The Island is so popular for Boat cruises amongst fan lovers and on the 30th August 2017, one of Ugandan’s finest comedians Salvador cracked ribs of his fans at the Full Moon Island.

The comedian appreciated the beauty of the Island, and said South Sudan is beyond fan and lovely people compared to what sometimes people talk about them around world.

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