Business Federation to stop importation of fake goods

Ayii Duang Ayii, President of S. Sudan Business Federation(Photo: Moses Gum).

By Moses Gum

South Sudan Business and Employers Federation started issuing licenses to all business entities to avoid importing counterfeit goods in to the country.

The President of the Business Federation, Ayii Duang Ayii said it was a prerequisite to have all members of the business community certified so as to minimize importing, buying and selling fake goods to citizens.

He said the initiative was aimed at strengthening the union’s work, smoothening operations, helping traders import exempted goods and commodities.

“The Business Federation has decided to issue membership certificates to all traders countrywide. Individual business persons will use the certificate to import goods to South Sudan,” Ayii said in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday.

He stated that anybody dealing with business transaction must obtain a registration certificate of membership from the Federation.

Ayii revealed that many traders have been importing counterfeit goods to the country because they rush to buy food and non-food items in various markets without proper inspection.

He said each trader seeking to import goods must be certified by the federation,endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a license by Ministry of Trade, to enable them import exempted goods.

According to Ayii, all business people including nationals and foreigners must register as required by the law of the country.

He said foreign traders operating in South Sudan will pay a registration fee of 100 USD and nationals to pay 7,500 SSP per year. This is subject to renewal after a year.

The Ministries of Interior, Finance and Planning, Agriculture and Food Security, Trade and Industry, Roads and Bridges, Livestock and Fisheries recognized the initiative and wrote to governors of the 32 states and Abyei Administrative Area to act accordingly.

A letter written by Minister of Interior Michael Chiengjiekon March 1,2019 addressed to 32 states governors requested screening of business persons including local and foreign traders and investors in the country to ensure compliance with the business regulations.

South Sudan Business Federation has been pushing for Sudan’s border Trade to boost regional trade to stabilize economy.

Last year in May, Ayii, said they agreed with authorities in Sudan not to impose tax on goods purchased from Sudan.

“We agreed that they will not impose tax on the goods we purchase from Sudan and neighboring countries”.

He disclosed that Sudan’s border trade routes are now open and the business persons are bringing goods to South Sudan by land and that authorities are working hard to open all corridors including river transport, air and roads for effective business operations.

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