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Bus services to Kampala suspended for logistical reasons -Police


Police spokesperson Brig. Daniel Justin [File photo]

By David Mono Danga

All buses en route to Kampala on Sunday were turned back from Nesitu Checkpoint, leaving passengers coming to Juba stranded at the border as they waited for the convoy from Juba.

According to the police, the suspension happened due to logistical difficulties the bus companies faced prior to the departure of the convoys of the passenger buses en route to Uganda on Sunday.

Brig. Daniel Justin, the police spokesperson said the incident was not in any way related to insecurity on the road.

“The Security situation along Juba Nimule road is normal. The buses did not leave for Kampala-Uganda because of some logistical reasons,” Brig Justin confirmed.

However, Juba Monitor reached some of the bus companies to find out what exactly happened. According to sources, some of the bus companies disagreed with the terms and conditions set by the security escort. The bus companies said the suspension came about due to misunderstanding between the security escorts and the bus companies over “service fees”.

“We cleared all our passengers at Nesitu but the convoy of the security escort came and stopped all the buses and turned them back to Juba. That was why the buses to and fro Uganda could not reach their final destinations. They were supposed to be escorted by the same convoy after an exchange at Obama Village,” said one of the bus officers who chose to remain anonymous.

She said the security escorts were not happy as their demands were not met by some bus companies she could not disclose.

“We always give the escort one Jeri-cane (20litres) of fuel and an amount of SSP 500. This money is given as an appreciation fees for the security the escort is providing to the passengers according to what I heard, the information leaked to the bosses in the National Security. I think they are the ones who reacted to find out the truth,” she added.

Another bus company employee said he was very disappointed with the way the officers of the bus companies were treated. He added that the incident that happened on Sunday was a simple issue that would have been solved through mutual understanding between the two parties.

According to our sources, the bus companies have resumed the daily operations yesterday and everything is going well.

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