Buluk Playground to be completed as scheduled

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The site engineer of GS-Construction Company at the Buluk Playground said upgrading of Buluk playground would be completed within the given time.

Earlier last month, GS Construction Company was contracted by former Jubek State local athletic federation, national athletic federation of South Sudan and national South Sudan football association to upgrade the Buluk Playground.

According to the MoU signed with the GS construction company, the upgrading should be finished within 45 days.

Buluk playground was to be upgraded by putting the artificial grass and the athletic track, and to put rubber track for both footballers and athletes.

“Buluk playground has been only used by the athletes, this time around the national football association due to lack of football fields in capital city have come up to request for the upgrading so that it can be used for both football and athletics,” said Mr. Joseph William Ladu the president of local athletics association of Jubek State during the launch last month.

Eng. Francis Ladu John told Juba Monitor yesterday that the upgrading work of the Playground was nearing its completion.

He said so far they had finished with the leveling of the field but said what remains at the moment was the digging of the holes for the surface drainages.

“I have seen that the progress is going on well though we remain with few days but we have hope that it will finish next few days as it is agreed upon. So, in the next ten days we are going to see very big changes at the Bulk Playground,” Eng. Ladu said.

Eng. Ladu said that what remained at the moment was to put the small layers of aggregates, the drainage pipes and then putting subsidize drainages before it is covered.

Once completed, Ladu said the playground was going to be first of its kind in South Sudan with international standard.

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