Buluk playground nears completion

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Buluk Playground is set to be completed soon as the upgrading of the ground has reached a final stage of completion.

Earlier this year, GS Construction Company was contracted by National South Sudan Football Association, National Athletic of South Sudan and former Jubek state local athletic federation to upgrade the Buluk Playground.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the GS construction company, the upgrading was supposed to take maximum of 45 days to complete the work, but it is now over six months since its launch earlier February.

In May, the Deputy Managing Director for the GS Construction Company, Zeweldu Betremariam attributed the reason of not finishing in time on the lockdown in the country.

During the launch in February, Joseph William Ladu the President of Local Athletics Association of defunct Jubek State told the press that Buluk playground is going to be upgraded by putting the artificial grass and the athletic track that is to put rubber track for both footballers and athletes.

Speaking to Juba Monitor exclusively yesterday, Joseph William Ladu the president of Local Athletics Association said that he was happy to see the Buluk Playground at its final stage of completion.

“I am happy that the work is going well as they are now putting the artificial grass meaning the work will soon finish though I do not know exactly when the constructor is going to finish,” said Mr. Ladu the President of Local Athletics Association.

Ladu said the local athletics association was contented to see that the Buluk Playground is completed to match with International standard.

Meanwhile one of the workers at the Buluk Playground who did not want to be mentioned because he is not authorized to speak said so far they have finished with placing artificial grass on the ground.

“Placing artificial grass on the field is over what is remaining is just some small arrangements on the ground which will not take more days because most of the work has been done,” he said.

“I think what we are going to start with is leveling the athletic ground so that the athletic track or rubber track is also fixed, but really there is progress, so in the next few days we are going to see very big changes at the Bulk Playground,” he said.

Buluk playground has been mostly used by athletes, but it is expected to be used for both football and athletics.

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