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Buluk Eye Clinic Hospital operates 70 Patients


Patients with eye diseases and infections being registered by medical person at Buluk Eye Centre on Monday (Photo by Ejulu Elamu)

By Wek AtakKacjang

The team of specialized doctors undertaking operations in the Buluk Eye Clinic has said they were ready to operate 70 patients yesterday.

According to Dr. Islam Sawahly, these 70 patients were admitted yesterday and they would proceed with their surgical procedures.

“The number of patients we received today (yesterday) is 70 patients, we will do their operation today and I wish them proper improvement,” Dr. Sawahly said.

He added that these operations would go on free of charge with 70 patients each day for the next ten days.

Meanwhile, fifty year old Maker Madol from Gok State expressed his happiness at the chance to see again after having his one eye restored.

“I was affected with eye problem for almost two years and now am happy that I will see again,” Madol said.

Madol, however, will undergo another operation after three months for his right eye to regain sight.

Forty five year old Adhel Dor Athian from Gogrial State said she was so excited to be enlisted among the candidates for the operation adding that she would tell her friends back home to also register next time.

“I have had eye problems for the last three years now. I could not see well and in April this year, it worsened until I had to come to Juba. My message is when I return home well, I will inform my colleagues who were affected to come to Juba where good doctors operate eyes defects,” Adhel said.

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