Building the Fashion industry, Doris speaks up

By Mandela Nelson Denis
Building the Fashion industry of South Sudan is what Doris Sukeji of Nile couture Fashion week is hoping to do though she admits that it will take time.
Last weekend was amazing as South Sudanese fashion designers come together at Palm Africa Hotel to showcase their hand made outfits, majority of them who Juba Monitor spoke to said the country is blessed.
Jackie Choi though based in Kenya because of school said that the future of the fashion industry is so bright but only needs time for people to understand fashion.
Choi is inspired by patterns such as the leaves, flowers and generally nature and from this she makes outfits.
“I am so inspired by the different patterns on the birds flying in the air, the animals, the trees, all have something related to fashion and this is where I draw my designs from”, said Choi.
Choi makes her tailored clothes from Kenya and her clients buy whatever they admire online.
Doris the organizer and the brain behind Nile Couture said that South Sudanese are picking up so fast in the fashion world and she hopes in the near future all will love and appreciate locally made designs.
“The main aim of the Nile couture fashion week is to give the opportunity to local fashion designers to showcase their own made designs,” said Doris.
Though very few people appreciate locally made designers outfits Doris said that it is a matter of time for our people to understand fashion.
“Right now people say that the fashion show is so expensive but for one who understands fashion shows will say that what we charge in South Sudan is very small because we are not after making money, we are building the industry,” Doris said.
William Kelly, one of the models said that the fashion industry future is bright only if the locals learn to support.
“Currently we all know that our people still have less knowledge on fashion, it is a process and with time to come, people will understand and the industry will boom,” said William.
Tutu Baibe, a female artist was among the fashion lovers who turned up for the Nile couture fashion week and she said that the industry is changing.
“The fashion industry is rapidly changing and with time to come all will be fine, back in the days few people would turn up for fashion shows but now I see house full,” said Tutu.
It is all about consistency said Doris who revealed that Nile couture is an annually event meant to celebrate South Sudanese own made fashion.
What Doris believes in is building the fashion industry though it is not earning her money.

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