Building strong brand in a foreign land is not an easy task, DJ Selector

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Sudanese famous DJ Selector Magok has said that building a strong brand in a foreign land was not an easy task, but the Selector Majok who now rubs shoulders with the biggest Ugandan celebrities such as Dr Jose Chameleon, Pallaso and Sheeba,it was all because of being humble.

Dj Selector Magok who was in Juba for a couple of days told Juba Monitor that his simple life has earned him all the desires of life at his age.

“I have been in Kampala for almost 10years and been able to learn from the already established Ugandan Djs and Celebrities, how they do their things and this has kept me on top of the game above all is respect and simple life”, said Selector Magok.

He added that currently his house held names amongst the South Sudanese community living in the heart of Kampala city the tall shy Dj was not famous for the worst reasons, but for the coolest reasons.

He revealed that he already a proud owner of a Lexus sport Car that many young people dreamt of driving in Kampala,the capital of Uganda one of the fastest growing African cities thatpaved ways for other nationals to survive and mingle in the city center.

Selector Magok is one of the South Sudanese Dj who would never miss in any South Sudanese community events,name it all the fashion shows,music concerts, birthdays and weddings.One woulddefinitely find selector Magok whose sense of fashion made him stand out amongst the crowd.

The Dj who was in Juba also revealed of his plans to come back and settle in Juba city so as to establish himself strongly at home in order to capture the available opportunities.

Currently Juba,South Sudan’s most happening city has attracted a lot of DJs from Kenya,Uganda and other Nationals and it is because of this factor that Selector Magok wanted to come back home to battle with them.

Many consider being a DJ has wastage of time, but selector Magok revealed that it was through Djing that he has been able to sustain his life styles and even took care of his brothers and sisters in schools.

Djing brings food on table and pay other bills such as medical and other luxuries of life but back home it is one of the lowest paying professionals among the South Sudanese Djs.

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