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British forces under my command –Shearer

               David Shearer left, Shatal Persaud Right

By Kidega Livingstone

The head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), David Shearer said the British forces that are currently building Level II hospital in Bentiu are under the command of their force commander and himself.

Speaking to media on Thursday last week, Shearer said the British forces are very much part of UNMISS, but they do have parts of that contingent which comes from the region simply because the region were unable to provide the professional forces in the areas.

“The British forces are one contingent of UNMISS, so they come under the command of their force commander and myself as the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG). They are here with the prime objective of building Level II hospital in Bentiu. I was up in Bentiu on Monday; they are progressing quickly with that. So it’s mainly an engineering company with some support,” Shearer said.

He said there is hope that they will also help the UNMISS with road network construction, and try to develop some of the roads. He said the British engineering force that has come falls under UNMISS.

Shearer said that Regional Protection Forces (RPF) main contingents and battalions are going to come from Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

He however said, there were some components of RPF that the countries were not able to provide and that will come from outside, and these include the Nepalese and in particular the Bangladesh Engineering Contingent.

“The main RPFs are coming from the region. Again they are part of UNMISS. When they arrive although they are a separate entity within UNMISS, they are here to try and provide confidence for people in side Juba, to help people who have perhaps left Juba to come back. They are coming with authorities to provide a safe and stable environment in and around Juba,” he said.

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