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Britam insurance company visits Juba orphanage

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Britam Insurance Company over the weekend visited the Juba Orphanage to celebrate Christmas and the End of the Year.

Britam Insurance Company had been visiting the orphanage for the last seven years with an addition of this year.

 The aim of the visit was to celebrate and share the joy together with the kids.

Speaking at the Orphanage centre, the Director of the Britam Insurance Company, JashintoGenye, advised the children to continue dreaming and be what they want in future and not to be stopped by being an orphan or staying in an orphanage.

“If you want to be a doctor, you will be the one, and if you want to be a teacher or engineer then you will be, don’t stop dreaming this because you are here in the orphanage, no. you have the ability and you will be one when you grow up,” he said.

However, Juba Orphanage Director, Angelo Kenyi Samuel, explained the challenges facing them and requested Britam Insurance Company for support.

“We have challenges and one of them is young children crossing the roads to school which is not so safe for them at this young age, so we are planning to build a nursery school for these young ones so that it can be near and safe for them, my appeal to your company is to help us in one way or the another to build this nursery school,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Sales Manager of Britam Company JoesphatGakaya said that their challenges as a company have always been the lack of enough facilities within the hospitals that made the company transport their client outside of the country.

“Lack of enough facilities like Intensive care unit (ICU) sometimes forces the company to transport its clients to another country like Egypt in case the client sickness is intense and can’t be treated within,” he said.

Britam Insurance Company is a company that deals in Assets insurance, Motorbikes insurance and medical insurance among others.

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