Britam initiates team building activities

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Britam Insurance Company has initiated team building activities for Britam South Sudan chapter.

Britam, previously known by as British-American Investments Company, is a diversified financial services group and is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Speaking during the event, George Morara, Finance & Administration Manager said the launch was a motivational factor and a chance for exposure to staff that has not been to Jebel Mountain.

“We have global mobility where South Sudanese who have worked for the company for at least two years and been seen productive are eventually taken outside the country.

“Currently we have one going to Rwanda for a three-month training after that we believe he or she would be exposed to new ideas from other countries and repatriate those ideas back home,” Morara said.

He added that Britam targets as big number as possible but from the initial stage they are operating on a tight budget.

He revealed that the variation level of insurance in South Sudan is very low because most people don’t know what insurance means until someone gets hit by an incident of risks and uncertainty, that is the only time they start thinking about insuring property.

“The challenges that we normally have for south Sudan is lack of skills. We will try to bring some staff from Kenya to come and train their South Sudanese counterparts to enable to instill the needed skills.

Morara said in terms of development, Britam has been at the forefront of capacity building level market in South Sudan adding that they do it through weekly training, which also includes financial advice.

Sales Manager, Josphat Gakaya said the function was to appreciate the employees that work with Britam because without them Britam would not be where it is. “We need to be appreciating our staff not only monitoring,” he said.

“We are going out together just to understand and correct each other in the area that someone needs to improve on. Basically the whole thing is to interact so that we create conducive work environment for employees,” he added.

He urged the public to try and understand what insurance is all about because when agents deliver services they should at ease dealing with customers.

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