Britain marks remembrance of Armistice Day in Juba

By William Madouk Garang

Great Britain community in Juba including army together with South Sudan government officials yesterday gathered for the remembrance of deaths in military conflicts in First World War.

The ceremony was traditionally marked by wearing poppies as well as wreath-lying followed by interval of two minute silent in honor reflection around in recognition of hostiles ceased in 11th November, 1918 at 11th hour.

The memorial ceremony was organized by British Embassy in Juba and was graced by his grace retired Bishop Enock Tombe and attended by minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Angelina Teny among many others.

In hero opening remarks, Deputy Head of Mission, Kate Johnston said that the moment was reflection on significant ransoms paid by martyrs of the war who laid their lives for their beloved one.

“The cloud of war moves on, and men forget that empires fall. We go our heedless ways unknowing still, uncaring still and yet the very dust is clamorous with their praise,” Johnston said.

On the same note, the minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Angelina Teny said that it was a special day where every one in England would stop whatever they were doing to pay tributes to the fallen heroes and heroines of the war.

“If you were to be in England,you would hear the silence and everyone stop where ever they are to pay their respect, you drop whatever you were doing to pay respect,” Teny said.

“We salute you and we must endeavor to deliver for your sacrifice to ensure that peace and liberty prevail around the world,” she added.

However, Bishop Enock Tombe cited that the gathering was in remembrance for those who died in World War 1 in defense for human freedom and peace and also to pay respect and honor of those who had displayed their patriotism and quoted John chapter 15 verse 13.

“We remember with thanksgiving and sorrow those whose lives have been given and taken away in conflicts past and present,” Tombe said.

“ ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” he added.

Colonel Nicholas Bolton said “when you go home tell them about us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.”

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