A twenty five tons truck full of unfit sugar which was impounded by government official at the Nimule border point from Uganda begs a number of answers. How many contaminated and unfit or sub-standard products are getting their ways into the country from the neighbouring states? What is the motive of these actions and why should the authorities in those countries allow such rejected products to be brought here without caring of the danger which would result out of the consumption of these products. The sugar impounded was contaminated, stored in water and had begun to grow fungus. This is beyond imagination and cannot be allowed because the health of the general public must be protected. There have been so many cases of contraband and sub-standard products being dumped in this country without due care by some individuals who are out to make quick buck from innocent citizens. Like what happened in Nimule, the government agencies should be on the watch out to be able to protect the interests of the country and her people. Nothing can be better than this, taking into account why the same products are rejected in their localities but are being brought here for use. There was load of sugar in the high seas which was found to be containing or lased with poison. This was rejected and was supposed to be destroyed in the country where it was impounded. If this did not happen then it could be part of what the citizens might consume if the borders and entry points were not properly managed. Those behind the trade which is endangering the lives of the people should not be spared and should be brought to book without delay. They must be known and are tycoons, probably, untouchable.

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