The unfortunate incident which occurred in The Kenya city of Nakuru where a mob attacked and left a South Sudanese dead must be condemned by all peace-loving people from both countries irrespective of who was wrong and what happened. There is no way of justifying a criminal act at whatever cost it may take.  A crime is a crime and as the two governments embark on finding out the actual cause, investigators should have a free hand to go about their work without fearing or favoring any person or party. This is unacceptable behavior and act which goes down to create diplomatic uncertainty among neighbors. It is good that the Kenya envoy to South Sudan Maj. Gen (RTD) Samuel W. Nandwa has reaffirmed the Kenya Government to investigate the incident thoroughly and bring the culprit to book. Mob justice is an outdated way of behavior in a civilized society. Life now has been lost and others fighting for their lives at the hospital beds. Whatever the cause may have been, it does not warrant law to be taken into own hands. There must be a consideration why these young men found themselves in this foreign land and why they decided to make a home as they struggle to place their future into being. It is ungodly to take one’s life just because of the advantage over them. Indeed two wrongs do not make a right. Considering the relationship that has been existing between the two sisterly states for a long time any difference should not derail the focus of socio-economic development in and within the region. Criminals belong to the cooler although the law says one is innocent until proven guilty. There should be no bending the same law to suit individual culprits who do not think of what the outcome of their action could bring in the public domain. They must stand condemned by all peace-loving human beings.

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