It is very unfortunate to face the fact that the shooting of the newly posted bishop of Rumbek was planned and coordinated from Juba. Whatever took place, police are coming out with the truth. A crime is a crime and shooting is one of them. A number of people have been arrested including churchmen and some police officers who were guarding the bishop’s compound. Let the law take its cause. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) should lead a team of detectives to Rumbek on a full scale investigations after the order from the President of the country who termed the incident “shameful”. It seems like the presence of the high level team of the investigators produced immediate and instant results. This is how it should be in all parts of the country if and when heinous crime like the Rumbek one happened. It should be expected that the security organs will not selectively do their work and should not wait to be directed to do what are in their daily dockets. Let the burden of proof remain for the courts. What beats all logics is why the bishop became the target of crime while he was just few days in the country. Were the criminals trying to portray negative image of the country and tarnishing the name of the country by creating soar relationship with Rome. It is very strange what some people can do to achieve their ill-intended goals. All criminal acts should be treated according to the laws of the land. Considering the current rate and wave of crime in the parts of the country. Security organs should step up their operations and ensure the common-man was protected. What will help in reducing the crime rate would be to disarm or collect arms from those holding them illegally. The time to do that is now not tomorrow.

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