Bright Stars lost to Uganda Cranes

Championship of African Nations (CHAN) qualifiers match that made Uganda Cranes team victorious against South Sudan Bright Stars who secured 1 goal on aggregate a match that marked the final phrase of qualifying for CHAN. After earning a comfortable victory against South Sudan, finally Uganda Cranes emerged the winner.

Saturday 22nd match Bright Stars Vs Uganda Cranes in qualifiers match did not go well given the highly expected win in favor of South Sudanese Bright Stars team. The match was played in Star-Times Lugogo stadium however, the unfortunate thing that happened, the team still hold the curability despite miserable loss by 5 goals to 1.

Speaking to Bright Stars key player Mr. Joseph Celestino said “we are happy, as a player losing game is normal and it should not be a big deal we shall beat them next time I promise our supporters to remain hopeful your boys are determined and very resolute to win next time inshallah.”

The same sentiment echoed by Bright Stars coach Mr. Bilal Felix Komoyangi who believe 22nd /07/2017 Saturday match is an eye opener to him and entire South Sudanese people next time we shall try our best to win otherwise losing one match is not the end of the world remember we did very well in the first leg played in Juba Stadium, he said.

In a separate interview, Uganda Cranes key player Mr. Geoffrey Sserunkuma a friendly guy who believe South Sudanese players are honest and wonderful players said while chatting Mr. Sserunkma said he found something extremely unique from Mr. Ater and all the team players is level of tolerance and absolute cooperation amongst the team members.

Speaking on phone with South Sudan official spokesperson of South Sudan Embassy in Uganda Senator David Amuor Majur confidently said the Bright Stars need to be fully supported by the government to represent us well in the region and Africa at large like what we did during struggle.

South Sudanese supporters living in Ugandan capital Kampala blame Bright Stars players and their coaches for not being serious on that long awaited day of the second leg qualifiers match played in Uganda.

Star-Times Stadium Lugogo Pitch, Juba Monitor reporter interviewed unhappy Bright Stars supporter Mr. Panyar Majak Adut who described the game as heartbreaking. Panyar expressed his disappointment and at the same time reassured people of South Sudan and Bright Stars team members to improve on their training to perform well in the next match whether here in Uganda or elsewhere in the region.

South Sudanese people are very much united when it comes to football activities according to Brigadier Gen. Charles Deng Manin who attended the match himself. Gen Deng is well experienced retired player in his personal remark he encouraged Bright Stars players by quoting the reality of the football match and other sport activities in general, please remember world leading players sometimes win and lose matches, it is normal practice in the field of game, but the most important aspect is to train harder in order to improve all the areas where challenges and failures come from.

Despite strong attempt demonstrated by well-trained goalkeeper Mr. Dak Daniel Khamis of Bright Stars still things did not go our way, hopefully we shall remain optimistic otherwise there is nothing to say apart from accepting the defeat in a honorable way said Marial Madit Majier, St. Lawrence University guild president.


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