Bright Stars beaten 3:0 in international friendly match

Bright star squad against Uzbekistan in Dubai

By Lodu William odiya

The South Sudan national football team, Bright Stars, was on Thursday beaten 3:0 by the central Asian nation, Uzbekistan in FIFA international friendly match played in Dubai.

Bright Stars departed Juba to Dubai earlier on Wednesday where they were expected to play two international friendlies against Uzbekistan and Jordan.

The team however left the country without three prominent faces in left-backs; Ivan Wan, Omot Sebit and Captain Peter Maker due to Covid-19 restrictions in Dubai.

The Covid-19 restrictions state that any persons/Travelers who have been in one of the blacklisted countries by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shall be quarantined for 14 days.

In a statement posted on the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) website, the acting secretary-general of SSFA, Apai said they had asked the players coming from Uganda to avoid getting an exit stamp on their passports but rather use temporal travel documents.

“We asked all the players coming from East Africa not to acquire exit stamps but rather use temporal travel documents which we even sent them the money,” said Apai.

Mr. Apai, however, said instead of Ivan Wani using a travel document, he instead got an exit stamp on his passport thus not allowing him to travel to Dubai.

“For the case of Wani, he told us he never got the information of using temporal travel documents that’s why he got the exit stamp,” added Apai.

Following the defeat to Uzbekistan, the national team Head Coach, Stefano Cousin yesterday conducted an evaluation meeting with the players.

The meeting discussed ways to a better approach to the next game that would be played against Jordan.

Speaking during the meeting, the President of the South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek encouraged the team to keep hopes alive and work towards achieving better results in the coming match.

“We are building a better and strong national team that will make the people of South Sudan proud. It’s a process that we’re working on,” he said.

Prior to their departure, the team head coach had urged fans of the team not to have high expectations over the team’s upcoming friendly matches.

Stefano Cusin said the outcome of the games didn’t mean much to him because his focus was on building a team that will get the result during the AFCON qualifiers game against Djibouti in Match.

“I know the fans will want the team to win, however for me the outcome in these games doesn’t matter so much because the aim is to find a team that will get the result against Djibouti in March,” Cusin said.

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