Breaking the Culture of Silence

Are you also celebrating the death of Fidel Castro? (2-2)

By Riak Maker Mading

The story behind everything involving Castro and the US is really long and individual. Only those who know how to appreciate happenings will see what some of us have heardand seen, especially at this time that Castro is no more. It is not bad to mourn Fidel Castro, but what about South Sudanese who died since 2013-2016 in the hand of their own leaders including your own colleagues? Are they not human beings to be mourned? These are the questions waiting for SPLM and Red army to answer. It does not make logic when your brother die and you don’t cry. Don’t get me wrong, I am not celebrating or opposing the funeral of Castro.


Those celebrating his death as a welcome relief from “oppression” or “dictatorship” are oversimplifying matters.

Freedom is relative. Whatever might have occasioned their fleeing Cuba for the US, there are many more reasons and conditions of their so-called present “comfort zones” for them to be wary of. Even in the US, freedom is not absolute.


Whatever motivated George Washington and his army to overthrow the British colonial system can’t be different from what motivated Castro to lead the revolution against the Batista regime, strongly backed by the US.


Castro was a huge thorn in the flesh of those fearing their own shadows for what they portrayed in public but broke in practice (behind-the-scene). He hides nothing from anybody, reinforcing his down-to-earth nature in wearing his military fatigues and smoking his favorite Cuban cigar!! He was a national hero renown beyond Cuba and will continue to hang around till time-without-end.


Such an accomplished person is millions of miles removed from the scatter-brained, spoilt horror of Donald Trump’s type assuming leadership positions in the US in the twilight of its glory. Comments on him and others undermining Fidel Castro for useless political expediency not backed by objective reality!! When Castro was in his element, where were Trump and those gasbags now emerging as the US’ leaders?


When Castro was in the thick of affairs with the Non-Aligned Movement, where were all these creeps? The giant steps that he made to give the world a new perspective on the “ordinary people’s struggles to assert their influence in global affairs” cannot be wiped away by disparaging comments about him at his death. Meantime, President Obama’s comments on Cuba conflict with those of the benighted Trump.

In ruling Cuba, Castro might have his inadequacies as a human being (Of course, no human being can claim to be dependable); but the truth stands that under him, Cuba made strides that the whole world respects. Such strides put Fidel Castro far above the dreadful defamation that his haters are subjecting him to.


Cuba under Fidel Castro made huge strides to amaze the so-called developed powers such as the US and Russia, not to talk about those in Western Europe. In medicine alone, Cuba excelled. The professional competence of Cuban doctors is globally acknowledged. If Castro’s rules were so devilish and limited, how could such a feat is accomplished such that Cuban doctors could be in high demand all over the world?


In the military field too, Cuban soldiers fought alongside freedom fighters in Southern Africa. How could that be if Castro were so bad a leader?

Fidel Castro also stood with South Sudanese liberators during the struggle against Sudanese regimes.

We note here that he survived 10 Presidents of the United States all of whom sought to do all in their power to eliminate him but failed and yielded to the forces of nature and their own political bother. How funny!!


The world hasn’t seen anybody of Castro’s type, that is why he still stands tall to be celebrated in death and not vilified as his purposeless haters are doing now. Shame on them!!


As for me and my fellow South Sudanese, we uphold him as a visionary leader to be respected. We see him as a shining example of a selfless leader whose singular efforts shaped the destiny of his country and marked a huge departure from foreign control. Only those who cannot see beyond their noses will jubilate at his death. I salute him!!


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