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Letter of appreciation to PresidentPutin of RussiaFederation


By Riak Maker Mading

I want to praise you for your role in the Syrian issues especially the liberation of Aleppo. For the first time in four years, Christians in Aleppo celebrated Christmas and that was achieved through your tactful intervention in the Syrian war. And also your firm stands against United States of America on the issues of South Sudan, which many leaders have bowed to shamefully. On the issue of Faith I am enthused by your firm stand to protect Christians in the world, with Syria being a typical example. I was watching Aljazeera TV on Monday 26, 2016 when I saw Christians in Aleppo celebrating Christmas.

I have noticed that most of Russia’s foreign policy for Africa is largely concentrated in the Western, Southern and the Northern parts of the African continent. East Africa hasn’t received much recognition from Russia especially my country, South Sudan. We know very well your impact worldwide and the effect an alliance with your nation can do for us.

Due to Russia’s supreme record in Science, most East Africans especially Ugandans, Kenyans and Tanzanians are trooping into your country to further their studies in Medicine and Engineering and they come out really alongside each other with the practice.
South Sudan has many resources like crude oil, timber and many others that with the help of your expertise in resource development can help raise the level of my country as you have done for others.

I am writing on behalf of my brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, uncles, fathers, mothers and all loved ones who are going through difficulties in their homes here in South Sudan to tell the leaders who are governing us that we are tired of their governance and need a change of their attitudes from our present situation if they really love us and see us as God’s image on earth.          I want you Mr. President to give them pressures toimplement the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan signed in Ethiopia August 2015.
African continent has issues that Russia can give a helping hand to, especially in the area of security. Africa is plagued with terrorist attacks from a group called the Boko Haram and other terrorist groups attacking Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. We pray that Russia intervenes to help find permanent solutions to these devastating issues.

Corruption in Africa is way higher than the news report. Our leaders are not doing any better to better the lives of the people. Youth and graduate unemployment are rampant in Africa especially in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Chad due to the mismanagement of the national cake and bad government policies. East Africa will need the keen eye of Russia to watch over our affairs in order for us to be directed to the right path.

I believe a positive response from you will bless our region with the wisdom and firmness of a great leader and thus a great nation to partner with. My country has six (6) years old, and I have not heard a visit of the President of Russia Federation to my country, South Sudan. Therefore, I also pray you pay South Sudan a State visit.

The Writer is a youth activist and can be reached at: riakmading@gmail.com


ciation to PresidentPutin of RussiaFederation


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