Breaking News, Breaking news. This was from our common friend SATP who was so jovial that we thought he was the third winner of the jackpot known as sport-pesa which recently turned the life of a certain son of a rope seller in a local market after winning almost cool Ksh 221million in a second. He was in another world of the millionaires dinning and winning with the who would that be. Our friend as if he himself was “braking” news, brought our attention to the fact that the white-clothed boys and girls were back on the roads. They were back in business as usual checking, ticketing or receiving something small from motorists. These people were once upon a time withdrawn from the roads and highway operations in the country because of reported corruption and illegal taxation within so many road-blocks. What was however, disturbing SaTP was that the white clothed lads were aggressively doing business as usual to try and gap-up the time they have been out of circulation. My friend’s predicaments rotates around his color which is not white and not brown but in the middle. Whenever, these white clothed sees him driving from far, he has to be the victim. They always think he is habesh or foreigner until the time he gets himself worked up to prove how local and indigenous son of this soil he is. They always start with the word “assuma” then ‘malesh” before disappearing in the thin rounds of their rounds. These are traffic police who have come back on our roads with pomp and cons. They are demanding without giving a blink to any reasons and they will soon revert to the many road-blocks to and from Nimule and other outlets. Our friend requested our togetherness to appeal to the man in charge of National Interior and his men in uniform under Said to ensure the repeat of last time where activities were being carried out whether legally or illegally. There must be some semblance of discipline on our road but not with open rampant “something small” in the back-yard. There was starting to be some self-order by motorists which only requires few uniformed traffic police officers for guidance like one man who stands out to be one of the best in white uniform along Ministry-American Embassy junction who is an officer and a gentleman to all motorists. This man deserves a step forward in the rank if majority were to vote for him. He loves his whistle and none-stop traffic direction while smiling and like dancing to the amusement of motorists and passers-by.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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