Brazilian photographer celebrates with children

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Bruno Feder, a Brazilian Photographer on Saturday celebrated his 36th birthday with the Confident Children out of Conflict.

The Photographer said that the children at the centre did get the opportunity to celebrate memory days in their life and this prompted him to celebrate his birthday at the centre.

“The idea of celebrating my birthday with these children is to have fun with them, something that they missed, these kids are great and celebrating with them gives them hope that people do care about them,” said Bruno.

Bruno is not a new face at the centre, he is a volunteer at the centre and many children at the center call him Kawaja, though he prefers to call himself  “Junubi” with his broken Arabic.

Bruno was born in 1981in Brazil. At his birthday celebration, he played football, danced, ate and drank and cracked jokes with the children.

Bruno who came to Juba in 2015 said that some children in Juba are going through a hard life, like some have no parents, while others are living on the streets.



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