The governor of Western Equatoria is an iron man if that word best describes the man in him. He walked the talk, he is the best definition of a man who puts the interest of the people first. In this country, we praise the wrong people and blame those who deserve the crown. For a future to exist, education must be planted and deeply rooted through rigorous watering. Mr. Futuyo is not only trying, he is making it happen. Last week, the one-man approved about one hundred million pounds to improve education in his state. According to him out of this 100,000,000, each county will have a share of 10,000,000 SSP to improve education. This spirit is very encouraging but the governor should open his eyes in the execution of this plan because there are chances the money may end up in individual pockets. You cannot assign goats to look after sorghum. That would be a mistake. The governor should give the money to county commissioners with a string attached. The commissioners would be coming to the governor with their reports on how the money was spent. All the money given should be accounted for. In case of any scandals, the governor must impose a very huge punishment on the culprits. This is a new dawn and possibly the beginning of development in Western Equatoria. The governor must not allow any known element within to chew the money meant for the education of the masses. The future of Western Equatoria, as well as that of South Sudan, solely depends on improved education. In a country where minorities are educated, there exists so many problems and robbery. The rest of the sleeping giants should wake up from their deep slumber and join the man, who has set himself apart to be a blessing to his state.

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