Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When this young man Mathew Maker Aru Mayuol walked into my office the first time with an open letter to the President which he wanted published , we had some heartily arguments which would have led me to discourage or reject the article altogether. He left but came back the following day. He told me Yaba this is the only tool that l can use for others to understand and know that with commitments all could be possible. Before editing and the publication, the young man came again, but this time l had decided to have his article edited and published, long as it was. When one reads the article from face value, you might not understand the whole rationale of the hidden points in the almost 3,000 words articles. What impressed me leading to the publication is that his intention was not only to reach the head of state but tell the country that jointly and collectively there is something positive which can be done to alleviate the current and future situations. In reading and our talks with this young man, it came out very clear that still there are some people who are committed and value the good being of this country. He wanted each and every one trader or not to selflessly commit to contribute only 100 SSP every month that will enable a committee to be formed to man the funds. His reasoning is that while taxes imposed on the public use in developing the country, but this contribution should be for offering soft loan to the youth who have ideas on what they would wish to do for life and the borrowed money which will be vetted by independent committee must be managed beyond corruption bearing in mind transparency and accountability. The contribution should be delinked from the national coffer and be managed by independent body comprising of people of integrity and those who are not appointed through political influence. We talked chatted and came to conclusion that although this mooted idea was viable if indeed it can be implemented but one thing still stands out. The idea is far-fetched and with the current fall down of economy in the country it seems like a still-birth or l could be wrong. The other thing is that Mathew whose idea can be turned into productivities and profit making for the country does not wage any clout that can make him move forward. This idea is likely to be hijacked by fence sitters who have the capacity and make it their own initiations and findings. This is what we call brain waste where those sitting a far benefit from what they have not toiled for. There are young patriotic citizens who have millions of ideas that are just going to waste. There are key government and international players who could start from somewhere to see that the youth were fully utilized instead of leaving them with brain drain which could not be of future use to the country.      

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