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BRAC organization begins assessing communities’ empowerment initiative

David Bruscino, BRAC Deputy Country Director

By Baraka John

The Deputy Country Director for Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee (BRAC) Organization in South Sudan had visited Yambio County of Western Equatoria to assess communities’ empowerment initiatives and other multiple services the organization offers in the area.

BRAC  has been empowering communities in Yambio most especially women and girls with education, health, and microfinance programs to ensure communities break out of the cycle of poverty.

 David Bruscino, BRAC Deputy Country Director said, the sole objective of the program was to empower the poor, particularly girls, women, and other most vulnerable such as the elderly and those with disabilities, in an effort to support them to improve their own lives and the lives of the families and communities.

 “The initiative targeted women and girls in rural areas who have limited knowledge to manage their hygiene practices, including menstrual cycle, keeping a neat home environment. It also [the initiative] offers basic English course and microfinance training to the communities as one way to increase the literacy rate in the communities”.

He stated that the organization will continue to empower women and girls socially, economically, and politically. Currently, more than 1,500 registered community members in four Bomas of Yambio County are beneficiaries of the initiative that was launched last year.  Out of the 1,500, 2/3 are females and 1/3 are males.

Ms. Victoria Juan, one of the beneficiaries at Saura Boma of Yambio County acknowledged the importance of the initiative which she said has greatly improved the lives of both women and men in the area.

Juan said women in her area were ignorant about how to manage their menstrual cycle, manage small businesses, and keeping the sanitation of their homes. But now the program has greatly improved the behaviors.

“BRAC together with their partners have come to strengthen women, we were ignorant of many issues in our community, and we are now able to take good care of ourselves economically and socially”. Juan said   

The community empowerment initiative is being supported by European Union.

Meanwhile, the State Minister of Social welfare Cicilia Anigude said the government is committed to empowering women through livelihood skills to enable them to earn their living”.

Minister Anigude said most of the women in the state need to be empowered to create a vibrant and educative society.    

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