The image of a nation is paramount and cannot be compromised at any level. This image requires the well-being of those given the responsibilities to man and manage several public institutions. These include key institutions among them Juba International Airport (JIA). December was a month of major world celebrations for Christians and all alike. It was also the month that ushers in the New Year celebration globally. But JIA did not leave to its expectation. Chaos and confusion marred the airport with disorganized arrangements in the departure lounge. Both domestic and international passengers had hard and hectic time reaching their booking counters with bee-hive activities from the quarters. The airport authority should make sure in making appropriate arrangements that domestic flight have their own areas and counters free from mixing the two which many would agree caused so much problems accessing the check-in and boarding time. The only available space was full to capacity and stewed with all kinds of luggage with bodies bracing each other in the wake of a crowded human traffic. The JIA management must agree to be the image of the country in an institution and place which is one of the most formidable forces to the country’s diplomatic and international connections and ties. It cannot be left to be assumed that all are well while there are glaring evidences of lack or coordinated management role by all players at this international institution. While the airport continues to be developed and to be put in proper order, the little that is there must be properly managed to give a bigger picture of what to come next of what is expected of the new space of the up-grading and rehabilitation. The airport management should also clear-off the idle people who are doing nothing but harassing. The airport authority should do the simplest thing. Separate or demarcate both domestic and international flight areas.

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