Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

This coming Monday will mark the celebration of the International Women’s Day expected to write in the history books, the challenges and achievements of the womenfolk. One woman in the leadership has vowed and promised not to allow more suffering and abuse against women in the country. Awut Deng Acuil walked in my boss’s office and shared a number of posts in the social media which were full of personal character assassination of herself as a senior public servant and on her personal life. My boss called me to join them and listen to the narration from the lady whose docket includes general education. But this time she was telling my boss that she was going to fight the ills posted in the social media tooth and nail, not as the minister, but as a woman, a mother, a grandmother and all inclusive pointing out that women had been abused in this country so far so long by some elements who do not have an iota of what they were in the first place and what they do in the next place. There are people who are using social media to tarnish the names of others under the pretext or guise of “freedom of expression.”There must be dignity remaining in the society which can guide the mind of the youth and some people whose purpose in life had diminished and who have no positive future in life.Being women’s week it was important for them to know and understand how far they could go to protect what would benefit them all and the country. In most cases, l do not really care or mind what are posted in the social media, but this one caught me upright and within my ability l thought of highlighting the plight of Madam Acuil so that other women can understand how some of them are being tormented  and injured by some of these posts.It reminded me of a disciplined society where respect to one another and to elders were cherished at all time. Is this kind of discipline lacking in and among the society we live in where there is no boundary of respect. I do not want to agree with this respect and discipline depends on how one is brought up or a family background. I wish leading public figures of the opposite sex could come up with solutions because they have fora  to address such abuses. Some women have gone quiet because they do not have such avenues to respond. They remain silently for lack of knowing how to push forward. There is no right or freedom of expression that can only be meant to injure one side and leave the other. The law must be applied equally and not selectively. That is when we can all stand and talk of freedom of expression where the law treats all equally.

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