Both CE, SSD number plates work -Traffic police

The traffic police administration said both old and new vehicles number plates are legal despite the earlier order issued by the former administration that all other number plates shall be illegal except SSD comes June 1st, 2017.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Major General Kon John Akot, the Director General in the administration of traffic police said the new administration of traffic police have cancelled this order.

The former administration of the traffic police had given only two weeks to all vehicles owners to change their CE number plate to SSD before June 1st, 2017.

“Since it is the new administration, we will give more time to the people until another notice shall be issued,” Akot said.

The Director General warned that they don’t want any traffic officers to start standing at the road charging divers over issues of number plates.

“I am warning any traffic police officer who start collecting money from water tankers, that particular police officer will face the consequences if he or she is caught doing it,” he said.

“The civilians are now crying for the increase of the drum of water and the water tankers are also complaining of over charges being levied on them by the traffic officers on roads,” Akot said.

The deadline for old number plates was supposed to be on the 1st of June, 2017, but Akot said the drivers should not worry as the new administration has given more time to all vehicles owners.

Akot said all vehicle owners will have to move with the photocopies of all registration documents of their vehicles or motorcycles in case of any need by the traffic police.

Since December 2016 the influx of new number plates bearing South Sudan (SSD) has increased including the old number plates of the former Central Equatoria (CE). Akot said all these number plates are still all legal and they will not be changed so soon.

Ismail Lado, a Boda boda rider said the money required for number plates is too much which he said most people cannot afford. He said the traffic police administration should consider reducing the charges.

Emmanuel Chuong one of the public transport drivers said he is confused about the uses of various number plates in the country.

“It is actually confusing which even can give chances to some of the individuals to print their number plates and we will not know which ones are legal,” Chuong said.

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