BORDERS illegal crossing still on

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The weak patrol along the South Sudan-Uganda border was posing more threat as citizens from both countries continue to illegally cross the border despite a closure.

A concerned citizen in Nimule who chose to remain anonymous over security concerns told Juba Monitor that people were still being smuggled illegally.

South Sudan Government closed all the points of entry including the Nimule Border and Juba International Airport to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Both foreign nationals and citizens have been seen illegally crossing in and out of Nimule Town through Anyama River side despite travel ban at the border area over coronavirus.

The citizen said some individuals, who were mainly security organs charge 30,000 Ugandan shillings, an equivalent of 3,500 SSP to cross to Ugandan side for leisure.

The resident blamed security organs of both countries deployed at the borders for not adhering to the orders.

He said the continuous smuggling of people along the border was causing more panic among the vulnerable population in Nimule town who fear the possibility of coronavirus outbreak.

“These people always cross from Anyama River side in front of Hai Kanisa area. So I can say that this is the route most of the people always use now,” he said.

 “The people who are at this crossing point are security forces and the reason why they are there was to control and curb illegal crossing of the people but they are the same people who facilitate the movement of the people,” he explained.

Last week, South Sudan Youth Organizations Coalition accused the security organs of both South Sudan and Uganda for being behind illegal smuggling of passengers into South Sudan despite shutdown on the border.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, South Sudan National police spokesperson denied the allegation saying the forces deployed have been curbing the illegal entry.

 “As there were people who used Canons, (the local boats) then all were controlled.”

“We arrested those who were passing, but all this is being monitored and the situation is under control,” he said.

“If there are cases right now then we will take it serious. With any information even if it is little we have to take it serious. So we will take this serious, talk to the people on the ground and make an update on anything,” the police spokesperson stated.  

Maj. Gen Justin revealed that the police have received cases in which the deployed at the border receiving bribery but said the cases have been controlled.

South Sudan confirmed its first ever coronavirus case on Sunday joining the world’s infected countries.

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