By Alex Lotiyu Elia Lado


When Donald Trump declared his candidature for president of the United States in the lobby of his Trump Tower Hotel, in the summer of 2015, he spoke about building a “great wall” to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from Latin and Central America to the United States. You all might remember that his remarks were confronted with a barrage of criticisms and insulting comments. The Hispanics and Afro-American communities responded to him with the cry of “white nationalist”, whilst the mainstream political media labeled him as “anti-immigration”.

But soon after he assumed the highest office in America and started to move from “rhetorical commitments” tied to pledges he made during the campaign, to “policy accomplishment” through which America’s interests are placed at the head, Mr. Trump is now being recognized as the most successful President who ever kept his campaign promises. Those who were doubting him are now climbing on board because they saw the changes and the feats he made to restore the nation’s economic and military glory.

Trump’s leadership style on illegal immigrants is worth considering in South Sudan, especially at this point in history when the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan(R-ARCSS, 2018) has been on enforcement phase. The threat of illegal immigrants in South Sudan is as serious as the rebellion. The price we are paying as a nation is huge. Even though, it would be fair to say there are some good people amongst illegal immigrants in South Sudan, it is important to face the fact that a great deal of these illegal immigrants are not. The annals of our Police Stations are littered with evidence that confirms they are doing terrible things in our society. The daylight and night robberies, key board worries, money laundering, forgery, niggas’ gangsters, drugs, pimp, prostitution and several many others, buttress my point.

The failure of concerned authorities to end their wrongdoings sets on alarms and confirm that we are dealing with a new kind of enemy, and that it must be stopped or else, we are making our society a crimes-prone society. Therefore, the government should consider, at the first place; reviewing our policies in respect to illegal immigrants; launching of a multilayered crackdown in Juba and other major cities in South Sudan to curb the illegal immigrants and all crimes associated with.

I know, some of us would wish the government never to embark on such extreme resorts. Others might argue that these are our brothers during and after the struggle for our liberation, or that the majority of our citizens are still living as refugees either in their countries or in other neighbouring countries in the region. Well, one may appreciate all these concerns. But letting criminals and killers to cross into our country under the watchword of maintaining historical ties, doesn’t at all consolidate beneficial neighboring relations, if anything, it erodes our sovereignty, security, and our reverence for the rule of law. In my opinion, it is criminal negligence.

Last year, when Kenya launched the crackdowns on illegal residence at which some South Sudanese citizens were arrested and subsequently deported. We did not complain. Our government did not protest either. We believed that the security of Kenya is first when it comes to neighbouring relations. In the same way, we expect all our neighbours to share the same feelings.

It is very hurting knowing that some immigration officers are compromising their sacred oath for the sake of some few thousand dollars, if none several thousands of Pounds. Sincerely, if such illegal practice is allowed to continue without intervention from concerned institution such as the Ministry of Interior and other security organs. The immigration system, and certainly our government efforts to bring about peace and stability will be worthless. To that end, I call on the Ministry of Interior to introduce some sort of hygiene in the Department of Immigration and Passport, which means Migration Officers at the front desk in all nook and cranny of the country are to be indoctrinated with solid beliefs that receiving bribery from illegal immigrants or foreigners threatens the holistic system of our society; and that, making the immigration system work effectively is an important step towards making whole South Sudan stable, peaceful and free of crimes.



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