Bor state hospital received oxygen machines

By Deng Ghai Deng

Bor State Hospital last Friday received five oxygen concentrator machines and some protective equipment from Bor women Association in Australia.

Michael Ayuen, who coordinated said the donation by Bor women in Australia under the leadership of Teresa Akuch Gaiyo was prompted by the recent death of some citizens in Bor hospital.

“Bor Women Association in Australia is under the leadership of Madam Teresa Akuch Gaiyo. They put their hands together and raised some money. I had to offer myself, I went to Kampala coordinated with medical equipment suppliers and we were lucky enough to have five(oxygen) concentrators sent to us from the UK. We also ended up procuring assorted PPE-Personal protective equipment. I also took my time to load them on the plane to Juba and I had a privilege to bring them this money” Ayuen said.

Ayuen said the medical equipment was bought from the United Kingdom and then transported to South Sudan through Entebbe airport in Uganda.

“These machines cost them about 7,000 dollars [5 machines] then the PPEs cost 900 dollars. Now transportation up to here is the one that cost a lot because they were considered as dangerous goods at Entebbe airport. But luckily enough we happened to succeed eventually with the help of someone in the office of Ugandan president and we finally got them here,” Ayuen added.

The Jonglei state health Minister AtongKuolManyang commended the move by the Bor women in Australia saying the machines came at a time when they are most in need to save lives at Bor hospital. Atong said the hospital had been facing difficulties in managing coronavirus patients and other medical conditions that require oxygen concentrators such as pneumonia.

“The sources of this donation is from Bor women in Australia and we know that they have been doing a lot in the past, this not the first time. We will work together with the honorable (Deputy Governor) so that these things that are brought to us will be put to use. We know the US has also been doing the same and all the diaspora, have been forgotten where they came from. And that is a very good thing,” Mr. Atong said.

Jonglei state deputy governor Antipas NyokKucha also commended Bor women in Australia and encouraged the South Sudanese community in the diaspora to continue supporting their people back home.

“Oxygen has become so useful especially at this particular time of COVID-19. We lost a number of people all over the country simply because of a lack of oxygen. So our Bor women in Australia took it as a burden upon themselves to contribute their lot to come and help our people at home. With the help of our health Minister AtongKuolManyang and the team in the Ministry of health led by our young doctors, we hope all these machines will be operationalized and they will save very many lives of our people that would have otherwise been lost simply because of lack of oxygen,”Nyok said.

This is not the first time Bor women in Australia supported Bor hospital, in December 2018; they donated more than a dozen medical equipment including ultrasound, blood analyzers, and eye surgery machines to the hospital.

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